Take a look at our selection of the 10 best men’s electric shavers. We have ranked these shavers bases on various factors. The factors that were considered were the features of the products, their performance, the cost of the shavers and the after purchase maintenance, handling and most importantly what our customer’s experience with the shavers have been.

We only show you where to buy these shavers and we personally do not sell any of them. This makes it very easy for us to rank them without any bias.

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Thanks to science and technology, we are now able to do whatever it is that we want, without any hassles. The same is also true for our grooming needs. With the advancement of technology we can now take care of such grooming needs, anytime, anywhere. Electric shavers have now become the very first choice for men over manual razors and blades. Such shavers are cost effective, long lasting, efficient and definitely very friendly to your skin. With these shavers, you do not have to worry about cuts and bruises on your face. You just need to run the electric shaver on your face and not worry about shaving foam or lather. In just a matter of minutes you would have the most awesome shaving experience ever.

The Bible For Men To Choose The Best Electric Shaver

Have you ever wondered what they did to shave or cut their hair before the actual razor blade was invented? Well most people walked about absolutely unkempt and then they tried tools like sea shells to hold their hair and pull it out. With time crude tools were made and with the use of water they were able to shave hair much easier.

Almost by the middle of the Iron Age, people figured out how to make tools that could assist them even better to shave their facial hair. Later, such tools were improved to function even better with the introduction of copper. The concept of shaving facial hair and having the hair on the head a lot shorter became more important when Alexander the Great came into power. This he did with the only purpose of having a better advantage over the enemy. With the facial hair gone and the hair on the head being short, his enemies could not grab hold of his soldiers that very easily. He was also the reason for the “shaved look” to become a fashion statement among men.

In the year of 1928, the very first patent for an electric shaver was filed by Col. Jacob Schick. Since 1937 the Remington electric shavers were developed and popularized by the Remington Rand Group. Prof. Alexander Horowitz, who was employed in the Philips Labs in Netherlands, was the first person to invent the rotary shaving blades.

Such shavers that were developed in the early twentieth century came in handy only for dry shaving. Now with much research and development in the field of electric shavers, the leading brands in the market have been able to come out with shavers that can be use for both dry and wet shaves! These much advanced shavers also provide charging docks for charging the shavers on the go, easy auto cleaning function and they are designed to provide the best and closest shave ever.

The Best Types Of Electric Shavers – Rotary Shavers and Foils Shavers

In the current market, you can now get the oscillating blade shaver or the rotary shavers. An electric shaver would have a corrugated and punctured metallic cover under which the blades would be placed. Once the corrugated top cover is run over the beard, it would start pulling in the hair through the punctures or the holes in it. When such hair comes into contact with the blades, they get cut. The metal mesh that is placed on the blades is present on both the rotary and the foil shavers to make certain that the razors do not cut the skin.

With a rotary shaver, the blades are placed in three points of a triangle. All you have to do is just move the shaver over the hair to either shave it completely or just trim it for a more structured look. A three head rotary shaver usually covers a lot of area thus newbies who are trying to sculpt their facial hair should get a lot of practice before they do it. A triple blade rotary shaver is the best bet when it comes to reaching angular areas that are hard and for hair that is stubborn or long.

Foil shavers on the other hand work in up and down, left to right movements to cut your facial hair. Such shavers are best when coupled with hair trimmers. They can be used for a close shave and is the best choice for people with very fine hair.

What’s Best For you

how-to-use-electric-shaverWhen you have to choose from one the world’s best electric shavers, then it would be best to weigh in your past experience. If you have been really happy with a particular brand, model and make of a shaver then it would be best to stick to the same. In all possibilities, your skin has adapted to this particular brand and it would be best to continue with it. Perhaps just go with a more advanced model if you are looking at changing your electric shaver.

This however, cannot be the case if you do not have any experience with electric shavers. Hence it would be best for you to read more about what other users have to say about it. Never make a judgment call on a new shaver without having used it for at least two months. . It doesn’t matter if you are switching brands, models or you are using an electric shaver for the very first time because your skin needs to adjust to this latest method of shaving. To get the patterns right, you would have to spend some time trying to understand how to handle the new shaver. So take the time and get to know your electric shaver well before you can pass a judgment.

Specs You Need to Remember

Before you invest in an electric shaver, there are certain specifications that you need to look for. They are listed as follows

  • Battery power – all shavers in the market are now rechargeable, so when you buy one look for the battery usage time or the function time with a fully charged battery. If your hair is thick and stubborn, then you might need one that would last longer for a more effective shaving experience.
  • If you can easily clean the shaver yourself, then you do not need an auto-clean function. But to make things easier for you, it would be best to invest in one that comes with auto clean and charging dock as well.
  • If you like to lather your beard before you shave or if you like to save time by shaving under the shower, then a wet shave is what you must buy.
  • The most important specification that you need to look for would be the speed. Buy a shaver that has more than ten thousand revolutions per minutes.

Pay Attention to Reviews

Before you invest in one electric shaver, always make it a point to read all the reviews and literature that are available about them. Find out about the pros and the cons of each of the shavers that are available and then invest in one.

Easy To Carry

Currently all shavers are travel-friendly and can be easily carried in your luggage. Before you buy a shaver find out if it comes with a travel pouch and what the battery life would be. If you are a person who travels a lot then you would need one with a longer battery life. Such travelers should also choose ones that do not have a charging and cleaning dock since that would only make it heavier and take up more space.


Epilators are similar to electric shavers only with the options that are available and in the market you can either get a ceramic disc epilator or a tweezing epilator. Chose an epilator based on what your need is. All epilators are now battery driven and come with rechargeable batteries. You can get both wet and dry epilators as well in the market.

Other Useful Information

In just few days of using the electric shaver, don’t expect your shaving experience to be the best. Your skin needs to adapt to electric shavers and you need to get the hang of using it before you get the best out of it. With an electric shaver you will soon realize that you basically don’t need water, bathroom or even a mirror to shave. Your shaving experience will become a lot less irritating and time consuming. You would also see that for one your skin is unaltered and there is definitely no blood involved. how-to-shave-620x250

An electric shaver varies in price depending upon the specifications or the functions that you choose. You can now find electric shavers in the starting rate of $40. Some shavers can cost even more than $300. Before you buy a new shaver always make it a point to set a budget first. Then choose a model that provides the best of function and one that can be cost effective over time. Also remember that the quality of the shaving experience is definitely not dictated by the price tag.

A recent review done by a market research company showed that some participants preferred using foil shavers than rotary shavers. They stated that their skin is less irritated and the hair is shaved a lot closer with such shavers. However, majority of the participants preferred rotary shavers since they were the best when it came to removing hair from tough to reach places like the neck and the jaw line. This shaver was also preferred for the lesser amount of time it took to shave.